Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Oh How I Love Thee....

Hi Girlies!
So as you may know from the title I am obsessed with......... HELLO KITTY!!!!
I know that Hello Kitty products is a tad bit expensive, but you pay for what you get.
So Hello Kitty founder Shintaro Tsuji will be turning an incredible 85 on the 7th of December.
For some reason, I think Hello Kitty is appearing more and more is shops and every time I walk past a store, there is always a Hello Kitty product in the window! I swear she's following me!
Charmmy Kitty is also a kitty with style and I like to think that she is related to Hello Kitty, but the real story of her is:Charmmy Kitty is a white persian cat that Papa gave to Hello Kitty as a gift. She wears a lace-trimmed bow on her left ear, and a necklace which holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewelry box. How cute is that!? If you want all Charmmy Kitty facts then go to:
Sanrio has lots of cool charachters, but Hello Kitty is their biggest one.
I'm sure that nearly every girl is a Hello Kitty fan, but there are some die-hard Hello Kitty fans out there!
please comment bellow and tell me what Hello Kitty products you have (or would like to get)
                                           Sophie x

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Sanrio and all opinions are my own.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey guys,
So I know back to school/college/work isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but surrounding yourself with cute stationary and glitzing yourself up can make it seem that little bit more interesting.
I know that some of you may have to wear uniforms or work clothes, but that is no reason not to look your best.
Here are some things that will make you look original, without getting yourself in trouble!
A glitzy hat?

Some lacy hair bows?

A cute kitty notebook?

Or a pretty panda folder?

(These are just a few things that I picked out, you can find lots of more things at

These are just a few things that I find cute. If you have any suggestions, please put them down as a comment.
                                           Sophie x