Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At a stand still........

So Project 10 Pan is not going great. I don't wear make up on a day to day basis, so I find it hard to finish up products!
Do you guys have any tips or advice for me? I would love to hear any ideas!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 10 Pan

Tonight (at 11 O' clock pm) I decided to start Project 10 Pan. For those of you that know what project 10 pan is it, is basically a spending ban and you cant buy any more beauty products until you completely finished 10 products.

I decided to do this because I have a lot of make-up that i need to use up. I have made out a list of all the products I need to use up and if I use up all of the 10 products, then I get to treat myself (I haven't decided what the treat will be yet, but I have my eye on this socks and mug gift set!)
I will keep you guys posted on my project!
See You Later!
                           Sophie x

Saturday, February 4, 2012



Splendid red shirt
€55 -

Balenciaga handbag
$1,125 -

Anchor necklace
$2,000 -

Anchor earrings

Chiffon scarve
£10 -

Inspired By...........Christina Perri

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mighty Fine heart t shirt
$30 -

Mango slim jeans
£40 -

Prada leather handbag

I Love Sport!