Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boots Essentials Range

So, I was using Boots Essentials Range for a while now and I must admid that I am pretty impressed! I use the Cucumber cleansing lotion, the Cucumber eye gel and the Cucumber moisturising cream. i also use the Cucumber facial wash.
They are only around 2.00 each and I use them most days(except when i am feeling lazy!) They are for all skin types so for only 2.00 you can't go wrong! It is very cooling on your face especially during summer. Overall I would give these products 8/10. I didn't try a lot of moisturizers yet so i am still learning, but if i ever pick up a good one, i will let you know!

This isn't all you can get though. You can also get make up remover, face masks, eye cream, and all these essentials unscented.
You can pick up all of these essentials at Boots
                                               Sophie xxx

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